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Brunswick wins sixth straight WNEISWA title; Loomis fourth in Class A

Prep school wrestling at Avon Old Farms in previous seasons.

PAWLING, N.Y., February 9, 2019 – Greenwich’s Brunswick School had three individual champions and six finalists as the Bruins won the Western New England Independent Wrestling Association (WNEISWA) championship for the sixth straight year with a 252½-185½ win over host Trinity Pawling.

Westport’s Green Farms Academy was third with 176½ points thanks to four individual champions.

At the NEIWA Class A championships, Loomis Chaffee finished fourth led by Dominic Rossetti, who won a title at 138 pounds. Rossetti beat Zachary Spencer of Phillips Exeter Academy, 6-4 in OT.

Brunwick brought 13 wrestlers to the tournament and all 13 made the semifinals and brought home a medal. Chris Perry (126), Luca Errico (138) and Tim Saunders (195) won titles for the Bruins. It was the second straight WNEISWA title for Perry and Saunders while Errico won his first championship.

Caleb Seyfried (106), C.J. Shea (120), Nico Provo (113) and Peter Kane (132) won titles for Green Farms. Seyfried, Provo and Shea each won by pin with Kane beating Hotchkiss’ A.J. Cuba, 12-2.

Hamden Hall’s Preston Hill won a WNEISWA title at 152 pounds with four pins. (Photo courtesy Hill family)

Hamden Hill’s Pearson Hill won a WNEISWA title at 152 pounds. Hill, who is just an eighth grade student at the school, pinned Brunswick’s Nadji Ngbokoli in 1:18 to win the championship. Hill, the top seed at 152, won the Frank Pera Fast Fall Award with four pins in 4:26.

Hill is young but is no stranger to the mat. He was a two-time New England champion as a youth wrestler and placed fourth at a national tournament in Tulsa, Oklahoma last fall.

Brunswick had 12 wrestlers qualify for next weekend’s New England Independent School Wrestling Association (NEISWA) championship tournament at Green Farms on Friday, February 15 and Saturday, February 16.

2019 Western New England Independent
At Trinity-Pawling (NY)
Team results – 1. Brunswick School-Greenwich 252½, 2. Trinity-Pawling 185½, 3. Green Farms Academy-Westport 176½, 4. Hotchkiss School-Salisbury 121½, 5. Hamden Hall 119, 6. Hopkins-New Haven 113, 7. Suffield Academy 101, 8. Avon Old Farms and Pomfret 95, 10. Taft School-Waterford 71, 11. Salisbury 52, 12. Marvelwood-Cornwall 33½, 13. Canterbury School-New Milford 31, 14. Chase Collegiate-Waterbury 15, 15. Forman-Litchfield 3, 16. Woodhall 0
Individual results
106: Final — Caleb Seyfried (GFA) pin Aiden Maag (Avon Old Farms), 3:33; 3. Will Macgillivray (Brunswick) dec. Giavonni Flaccavento (Trinity-Pawling), 11-2; 5. Roman Minotti (Hamden Hall) dec. Owen Cronin (Hopkins), 7-4
113 Final — Nico Provo (GFA) pin Kellen Horst (Pomfret), 1:24; 3. Wolfram Jackson (Brunswick) pin Sam Rivera (Hopkins), 0:58; 5. Jaeho Sung (Salisbury) pin Youngtaek Lee (Avon Old Farms), 0:26
120 Final – C.J. Shea (GFA) pin Nick Kruczynski (Pomfret), 5:41; 3. Denzil Fearon (Marvelwood) pin Jack Fuoco (Hamden Hall), 0:59; 5. Kaden Saad (Brunswick) dec. Daniel Barber (Hopkins), 4-2 OT
126 Final — Chris Perry (Brunswick) dec. Nick Adams (Hotchkiss), 7-1; 3. Griffin Seyfried (GFA) dec. Robbie Accomando (Trinity-Pawling), 12-2; 5. Aiden Herbert (Hamden Hall) pin Dominic Roberts (Hopkins), 1:22
132 Final — Peter Kane (GFA) dec. AJ Caba (Hotchkiss), 12-2; 3. David Bancroft (Trinity-Pawling) dec. Dylan McNamara (Hamden Hall), 7-5 OT;5. Nathan Winter (Marvelwood) medical forfeit over Will Donovan (Brunswick)
138 Final — Luca Errico (Brunswick) pin Kyle Hammel (Trinity-Pawling), 2:48; 3. Gunnar Desantis (Hopkins) dec. Kevin McDonald (Chase), 11-7; 5. Austin Omala (Taft) medical forfeit over Ben Richardson (Pomfret
145 Final — Cole Mcgill (Pomfret) dec. Nick Bell (Brunswick), 9-3; 3. Connor Massey (Hamden Hall) dec. Peter Murray (Trinity-Pawling), 14-3; 5.  Mikey Bartush (GFA) pin Dylan Kasperzyk (Avon Old Farms), 0:39
152 Final — Pearson Hill (Hamden Hall) pin Nadji Ngbokoli (Brunswick), 1:18; 3. Kyle Lee (Trinity-Pawling) dec. Jake Marasco (Pomfret), 6-5; 5. Dohan Kim (Avon Old Farms) pin Kelvin Welbeck (Taft), 1:29
160 Final — Christian Crider (Hotchkiss) pin Jake Conlan (Trinity-Pawling), 4:49; 3. Mark Schadt (Avon Old Farms) dec. Jacob Rooks (Taft), 6-4 2 OTl 5. Jackson Mullaney (Salisbury) medical forfeit over Harry Fett (Brunswick), 0-0 1:00
170 Final — Zack Conlan (Trinity-Pawling) dec. Luis Perez (Suffield Academy), 9-4; 3. Owen Sherman (Hopkins) dec. Dylan Reynolds (Brunswick), 9-5; 5. Peter Coumantaros (Hotchkiss) pin Jonathan Jackson (GFA), 2:42
182 Final — Klyde Auba (Hamden Hall) dec. Clayton Ostrover (Brunswick), 10-3; 3. Scott Lewis (Hotchkiss) dec. Lucas Hughes (Trinity-Pawling), 7-5 OT; 5. Doug Guilford (Hopkins) medical forfeit over Kareem Mounina (Suffield Academy)
195 Final — Tim Saunders (Brunswick) pin Monexant Peterson (Suffield Academy), 3:12; 3. Adler Viton (GFA) pin Elijah Cohen (Taft), 1:49; 5. Brandon Smith (Hopkins) dec. Ben Meyers (Hotchkiss), 8-5
220 Final — Kechaun Bennett (Suffield Academy) dec. Brian Namnoum (Avon Old Farms), 11-5; 3. Jason Xing (Canterbury) pin Tyler Cipriano (Hopkins), 2:32
285 Final — Jesse Polansky (Suffield Academy) dec. Liam Dietrich (Trinity-Pawling), 4-2; 3. Vincent Springer (Salisbury) pin Powell Powell (Brunswick), 0:52; 5. Jose Mencia (Canterbury) pin Clay Davis (Avon Old Farms), 2:59

Brackets and results

At Andover, MA (Phillips Academy)
Team results – 1. Northfield Mt. Hermon 306½, 2. Phillips Exeter Academy 259½, 3. Phillips Academy 186, 4. Loomis Chaffee-Windsor 130½, 5. St. Paul’s School 121, 6. Choate Rosemary Hall 113, 7. Wilbraham & Monson 98, 8. Deerfield Academy 71, 9. Worcester Academy 42, 10. Hyde School 24
Individual results
106: Final —  Christian Petry (Phillips Exeter Acad.) pin Arnav Bhakta (Phillips Academy), 0:24; 3. Orion Griffin (St. Paul’s School) pin Gregory Stone (Choate Rosemary Hall), 0:56; 5. Kunal Kothari (Loomis Chaffee) tech fall Nam Vu (Wilbraham & Monson), 20-5 4:54
113 Final — Gabriel Oderich (St. Paul’s School) pin Kizuki Koyasu (Wilbraham & Monson), 0:13; 3. Tristian Keyser-Parker (Northfield Mt. Hermon) pin Nivan Dhir (Phillips Exeter Academy), 1:58; 5. Mike Berberian (Worcester Academy) dec. Carter Pavlonnis (Loomis Chaffee), 3-0
120 Final — Jake Shaifer (Northfield Mount Hermon) pin Ian McConnell (Loomis Chaffee), 1:56; 3. Osburto Gomez-Santana (Phillips Exeter Acad.) dec. John Chung (Deerfield Academy), 10-8; 5. Matt Suri (Phillips Academy) pin Steven Huang (Hyde School), 0:09
126 Final — Tyler Morris (Phillips Exeter Acad.) dec. Noah Burstein (Northfield Mt. Hermon), 7-2 OT; 3. Pedro Arellano (Loomis Chaffee) dec. Alex Taylor (St. Paul’s School), 5-2
132 Final — Owen Finn (Northfield Mt. Hermon) pin Matt Cuomo (Choate Rosemary Hall), 4:40; 3. Vinny Marino (Phillips Academy) dec. Liam Finn (Northfield Mt. Hermon), 5-0
138 Final — Dominic Rossetti (Loomis Chaffee) dec. Zachery Spencer (Phillips Exeter Academy), 6-4 OT; 3. Alec Nevins (Northfield Mt. Hermon) dec. Jared Bushnell (Worcester Academy), 8-2; 5. Gordon Paiva (Phillips Academy) pin Ryan Gouche (Choate Rosemary Hall), 0:48
145 Final — Hunter Hockensmith (Northfield Mt. Hermon) dec. Colby Shalam (Northfield Mt. Hermon); 3. Aidan Ormsby (Worcester Academy) pin Jack O’Neil (Phillips Academy), 1:44; 5. Matt Como (Loomis Chaffee) pin An Nguyen (Wilbraham & Monson), 1:29
152 Final — Charlie McLaughlin (Northfield Mt. Hermon) dec. Eamon Garrity-Rokous (Phillips Academy), 8-3; 3. John Beckerle (Phillips Exeter Acad.) dec. Griffin Wolusky (Wilbraham & Monson), 14-7; 5. David Choung (Loomis Chaffee) pin Oleh Shostak (Choate Rosemary Hall), 1:26
160 Final — Aiden Hanning (Northfield Mt. Hermon) pin Maalik Mcpherson (Loomis Chaffee), 2:30; 3. Chimenum Tasie-Amadie (Phillips Exeter Acad.) dec. Alex Rymes (St. Paul’s School), 12-7
170 Final — Gunner Garriques (Northfield Mt. Hermon) dec. Angus Scott (Phillips Exeter Academy), 9-0; 3. Tommy Wachtell (Choate Rosemary Hall) pin Kaiser Garcia (Loomis Chaffee), 3:31; 5. Cortland Coleman (Hyde School) pin Liam Garrison (Wilbraham & Monson), 0:39
182 Final — Tabor Wanag (Phillips Exeter Acad.) dec. Pablo Sanchez (Phillips Academy), 13-4; 3. Grant Goodall (Phillips Exeter Acad.) pin Tristan Lynch (Wilbraham & Monson), 3:38; 5. William Cha (Northfield Mt. Hermon) medical forfeit over Fazel Naizer (Choate Rosemary Hall)
195 Final — Henry Lagasse (Phillips Exeter Acad.) pin Will Shiber (St. Paul’s School), 2:48; 3. Ramphis Medina (Phillips Academy) dec. Graham Guite (Phillips Exeter Academy), 9-7
220 Final — Yaraslau Slavokouski (Northfield Mt. Hermon) pin William Thayer (St. Paul’s School), 3:29
285 Final — Cameron Polemini-Hagerty (Choate Rosemary Hall) pin Ethan Rosenthal (Phillips Exeter Academy), 2:17; 3. Marcus Romboli (Deerfield Academy) pin Quinn Downie (Deerfield Academy), 1:27

Brackets and results


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