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2023 Connecticut Youth State Championship meet results

The 2023 Connecticut Youth State Wrestling Championships were held Sunday in New Haven.

NEW HAVEN, Feb. 26, 2023 — Wrestlers from across Connecticut came together for the Connecticut Youth State championship meet at the Floyd Little Athletic Center on the campus of Hillhouse High on Sunday. Competition was staged in three divisions — middle school (up to age 14), novice (up to age 12) and intermediate (up to age 10).
Brackets and results

MIDDLE SCHOOL 14 and under

71 LBS
Final: Kody Dragon Bristol, CT (Gladiator Youth) dec. Charlie Atkinson Danbury, CT (Refinery), 8-6 SV
3. Jonathan Toriello Old Lyme, CT (MarcAurele Youth) pin James Venhorst Simsbury, CT (Fisheye), 0:12
83 LBS
Final: Jaxsen Bailey Plainville, CT (Team Tugman) dec. Cole Desiano Ridgefield, CT (Refinery), 5-2
3. Landon Herdic Canterbury, CT (MarcAurele Youth) dec. Zander Fuehr New Fairfield, CT (Refinery), 9-2
5. Dominic Smeraglino Monroe, CT (Newtown Youth Wrestling) dec. James Lemmis Norwalk, CT (South Side Wrestling Club), 8-4
87 LBS
Final: Jaxon Sgrulletta Ridgefield, CT (Refinery) dec. Lukas Boxley Ledyard, CT (MarcAurele Youth), 2-0
3. Carter Lanzilli Ridgefield, CT (Ridgefield Youth Wrestling) pin Caden Bell Marlborough, CT (Fisheye), 2:50
5. Angel Stimson Scotland, CT (Killingly Youth) dec. Michael Puff New Fairfield, CT (New Fairfield Youth), 9-3
92 LBS
Final: Brighton Karvoski CT (Refinery) dec. Chase Kastner Southington, CT (Team Tugman), 10-0
3. Ronald Wood iv East Haven, CT (Fisheye) TF Andrew Soucie Higganam, CT (OTC), 12-0 3:15
5. Vishwesh Wadje South Windsor, CT (South Windsor Youth Wrestling) pin Owen Blair CT (Newtown Youth Wrestling), 3:34
97 LBS
Final: Isaiah Mcdaniel Middletown, CT (MarcAurele Youth) dec. Mark Pietruszka Killingworth, CT (MarcAurele Youth), 6-2
3. Christopher Montovani East Hartford, CT (KT Kidz) dec. Zaphyr Musshorn Plainville, CT (Southington Youth), 5-0
5. Robert Barry Danbury, CT (Danbury Youth) dec. Ryan Mcveigh New Fairfield, CT (New Fairfield Youth), 2-1
102 LBS
Final: Kayla Batres stratford, CT (South Side Wrestling Club) dec. Noah Caisse Quaker Hill, CT (Wolf gang wrestling academy), 9-1
3. Maxwell Malitsky Newtown, CT (Team Tugman) pin Dylan Waugh Plainville, CT (OTC), 0:33
5. Robert Taylor New Fairfield, CT (New Fairfield Youth) FOR Bradley Ament East Lyme, CT (MarcAurele Youth)
106 LBS
Final: Joseph Pellicci Stamford, CT (New Canaan Youth) dec. Taiyo Gemme Old Lyme, CT (MarcAurele Youth), 4-2
3. Bradey Jonasch Killingly, CT (Killingly Youth) pin Brendan Tummillo Glastonbury, CT (KT Kidz), 3:01
5. Mick Granger Simsbury, CT (Fisheye) pin Brodie Block Ridgefield, CT (Ridgefield Youth Wrestling), 3:43
110 LBS
Final: Solomon Johns Simsbury, CT (Fisheye) dec. Dylan Meyers Danbury, CT (Refinery), 2-0 SV
3. Alex Lamarre Terryville, CT (Gladiator Youth) pin Tristan Rosenschein Newtown, CT (Team Tugman), 1:49
5. Donald Ross Dayville, CT (Killingly Youth) FOR Max Richardson CT (Killingly Youth)
114 LBS
Final: Matthew Stoerzinger Newtown, CT (Refinery) dec. Charles Reed Ansonia, CT (Team Tugman), 9-3
3. Logan Davis Lebanon, CT (MarcAurele Youth) dec. Ryan Sullivan Berlin, CT (Minutemen Youth), 8-4
5. Colten Labrecque Stratford, CT (South Side Wrestling Club) pin Simon Rodriguez Ridgefield, CT (Ridgefield Youth Wrestling), 3:00
119 LBS
Final: Riley Storozuk East Hartford, CT (Fisheye) pin Jake Fattibene Newtown, CT (Team Tugman), 0:32
3. Rocky Penny Westport, CT (South Side Wrestling Club) dec. Henry Radin Norwalk, CT (South Side Wrestling Club), 6-2
5. Noah Soucie Higganam, CT (OTC) dec. Dante Ames Sandy Hook, CT (Newtown Youth Wrestling), 6-1
125 LBS
Final: Troy Torres-morey Chaplin, CT (Windham) dec. Jacob Jones Stamford, CT (Stamford Youth), 5-3 SV
3. Hunter Debellis New Fairfield, CT (New Fairfield Youth) pin Brody Kesl Torrington, CT (Gladiator Youth), 0:35
5. Sean Champlain Meriden, CT (Meriden Youth) pin Riely Georgian niantic, CT (MarcAurele Youth), 2:09
130 LBS
Final: Carnell Davis Groton, CT (MarcAurele Youth) dec. Harry Marino Hartford, CT (KT Kidz), 8-0
3. Adrian Saenz Meriden, CT (Meriden Youth) dec. Julian Rousseau Westport, CT (South Side Wrestling Club), 3-1 SV
5. Michael Spalter Southington, CT (Southington Youth) FOR Brody Stimpson Meriden, CT (Meriden Youth)
136 LBS
Final: Antonio Arguello Newtown, CT (Team Tugman) pin Devan Bacote Meriden, CT (Meriden Youth), 0:37
3. Christian Bilbraut Hartford, CT (Newington Youth) pin Finn Mocco New Canaan, CT (New Canaan Youth), 2:03
5. Jacob Palermo East Lyme, CT (MarcAurele Youth) dec. Steven Accomando CT (Refinery), 5-3
149 LBS
Final: Vincent Rivera South Windsor, CT (Empire Wrestling Academy) TF William Motley Norwalk, CT (South Side Wrestling Club), 12-0 3:23
3. Dante Casdia Glastonbury, CT (KT Kidz) dec. Andrew King Madison, CT (OTC), 2-1
5. Logan Shamper Bristol, CT (Gladiator Youth) dec. Alphonse Milano East Haven, CT (Fisheye), 5-4
165 LBS
Final: Jake Maddox Newtown, CT (Refinery) pin Landon Roberts New Britain, CT (New Britain Twisters Youth Wrestling Club), 0:29
3. Johnny Williston North Haven, CT (North Haven Youth Wrestling) dec. Charles Grzywacz Bethany, CT (Amity Spartan Youth), 9-1
5. Hudson Burkhardt Marlborough, CT (RHAM Youth) pin Ari Lancin Weston, CT (South Side Wrestling Club), 0:53
187 LBS
Final: Maximus Konopka Simsbury, CT (Empire Wrestling Academy) TF Aidyn Davies Bristol, CT (Gladiator Youth), 12-0 3:14
3. Jason Thoma Norwich, CT (MarcAurele Youth) dec. Hunter Moss East Haven, CT (East Haven Youth), 6-2
5. Dylan Bligh Rocky Hill, CT (RHAM Youth) dec. Jakob Soyka Terryville, CT (Gladiator Youth), 6-3
250 LBS
Final: Chase Catalano Old Lyme, CT (MarcAurele Youth) dec. Panagiotis Christakos Milford, CT (South Side Wrestling Club), 4-0
3. Samuel Richardson Stamford, CT (Stamford Youth) pin Spencer Pelkey Enfield, CT (Spartan Youth), 0:23
5. Carter Marciano Cheshire, CT (Meriden Youth) pin Cooper Myers Waterford, CT (Team Tugman), 3:09

INTERMEDIATE: 12 and under (12U)
58 LBS
Final: Chase Reynolds New Milford, CT (Refinery) pin Carter Bowling Danbury, CT (Refinery), 2:30
3. Michael Demaine CT (Spartan Youth) pin Silas Houston CT (Newtown Youth Wrestling), 2:10
63 LBS
Final: Josh Perez Hartford, CT (MarcAurele Youth) dec. Philip Burns Gales ferry, CT (MarcAurele Youth), 4-1
3. Tatem Odell Danbury, CT (Refinery) dec. Karina Batres Milford, CT (South Side Wrestling Club), 7-1
5. Kobie Sharpe Stonington, CT (Wolf gang wrestling academy) dec. Skylar Napolitano Glastonbury, CT (KT Kidz), 1-0
67 LBS
Final: Noah Blair Sandy Hook, CT (Newtown Youth Wrestling) dec. Chael Wawrzynowicz Lebanon, CT (MarcAurele Youth), 7-0
3. Isaiah Latham Fairfield, CT (South Side Wrestling Club) dec. John Derosa Quaker Hill, CT (MarcAurele Youth), 5-4
5. Cole Salce Newtown, CT (Newtown Youth Wrestling) dec. Noah Oliveira Middlebury, CT (Team Tugman), 5-1
70 LBS
Final: Logan Bailey Plainville, CT (Team Tugman) dec. Jack Rhodes Ridgefield, CT (Refinery), 9-0
3. Weston Cass Somers, CT (Fisheye) pin Eli Nowland Waterford, CT (Wolf gang wrestling academy), 1:39
5. Diego Palomo Bridgeport, CT (South Side Wrestling Club) pin Chase Loveall Bristol, CT (Gladiator Youth), 3:29
74 LBS
Final: Joey Cotter Newtown, CT (Team Tugman) pin Teddy Orcutt Somers, CT (KT Kidz), 0:59
3. Brooke Dixon South Windsor, CT (KT Kidz) pin Mason Debias Milford, CT (South Side Wrestling Club), 0:39
5. Noah Corbin Bristol, CT (Gladiator Youth) dec. Gregory iii Hurst New Britain, CT (New Britain Twisters Youth Wrestling Club), 6-3
78 LBS
Final: Dawson Mcgrath Milford, CT (Team Tugman) dec. Camron Veneziano Newtown, CT (Newtown Youth Wrestling), 2-0
3. Edward Fioletov Glastonbury, CT (KT Kidz) dec. Luke Piccirillo Newtown, CT (Newtown Youth Wrestling), 6-0
5. Jackson Robles Berlin, CT (Team Tugman) dec. Leo Lamore East Hartford, CT (Fisheye), 11-0
82 LBS
Final: A-ris Kuljancic Eastford, CT (Killingly Youth) dec. George Jolley iv Norwich, CT (MarcAurele Youth), 2-0
3. Albert (aj) Stefano Waterford, CT (Team Tugman) dec. Blake Vieira Berlin, CT (Team Tugman), 4-0
5. Dominic Casdia Glastonbury, CT (KT Kidz) FOR Brody Welburn Bristol, CT (Gladiator Youth)
86 LBS
Final: Jaxson Konopka Simsbury, CT (Team Tugman) dec. Jason Demarco Middletown, CT (OTC), 4-2
3. Edward Blanchard East Lyme, CT (MarcAurele Youth) pin Ben Marceau Ridgefield, CT (Ridgefield Youth Wrestling), 3:10
5. Caiden Murillo Meriden, CT (Meriden Youth) dec. Samuel Herrick Durham, CT (OTC), 5-2
92 LBS
Final: Ryder Zychek TRUMBULL, CT (South Side Wrestling Club) TF Carlo Criscuolo Ansonia, CT (Amity Spartan Youth), 14-1 1:38
3. Nico Pizzoferrato Newington, CT (KT Kidz) dec. Reed Lynch New Milford, CT (Refinery), 2-0
5. Reily Karasevicz Quaker Hill, CT (Waterford Youth) pin Dawson Kelleher Cromwell, CT (Minutemen Youth), 1:15
98 LBS
Final: Alexander Depratti West Hartford, CT (KT Kidz) dec. Dane Raveis Fairfield, CT (South Side Wrestling Club), 3-0
3. Kayden Laboy New Britain, CT (New Britain Twisters Youth Wrestling Club) dec. Owen Ament East Lyme, CT (MarcAurele Youth), 8-6
5. Cayden Steele Dayville, CT (Killingly Youth) pin Soren Wallin Hamden, CT (Amity Spartan Youth), 2:46
108 LBS
Final: Reese Georgian niantic, CT (MarcAurele Youth) dec. Carlos Alicea Westbrook, CT (OTC), 2-1 SV
3. Juan Albrincoles Middletown, CT (Meriden Youth) dec. Adrian Gayle Stratford, CT (South Side Wrestling Club), 13-4
5. William Morsch Colchester, CT (Colchester Youth) FOR Jerico Brown Woodbridge, CT (Amity Spartan Youth), 0-0
117 LBS
Final: Mason Budinscak Glastonbury, CT (KT Kidz) pin Timothy Schmutz Granby, CT (Spartan Youth), 0:22
3. Nathan Dezenzo Milford, CT (Milford Youth) dec. Timothy D’aquila Middletown, CT (OTC), 1-0
5. Henry Dressel New Milford, CT (New Milford Youth) dec. Jordyn Kneeland Middletown, CT (OTC), 9-3
135 LBS
Final: Giovanni Quiles Norwich, CT (MarcAurele Youth) pin Christian Snell Darien, CT (Blue Wave Youth), 2:05
3. Max Long Hartford, CT (KT Kidz) pin Lincoln Snell Darien, CT (Blue Wave Youth), 1:53
5. Calvin Carmody Waterford, CT (MarcAurele Youth) pin Molly Codding Brooklyn, CT (Killingly Youth), 0:13
160 LBS
Final: Rion Lena Newtown, CT (Newtown Youth Wrestling) dec. Gavin Martin Bristol, CT (Gladiator Youth), 7-2
3. Sammy Torres jr Meriden, CT (Meriden Youth) pin Liam Harvey Hartford, CT (Newington Youth), 1:44
5. Levi Martinez Bristol, CT (Gladiator Youth) FOR Tyreese Thomas New Haven, CT (Amity Spartan Youth), 0-0

NOVICE: 10 and under (10U)
49 LBS
Final: Eli Houston (Newtown Youth Wrestling) dec. Derrick Yuschak Bristol, CT (Gladiator Youth), 4-0
3. Charlie Langenus Monroe, CT (Newtown Youth Wrestling) dec. Lorelei Decker Plainfield, CT (Top Game Martial Arts), 4-2
5. Noah Reino Danbury, CT (Danbury Youth) dec. Chase Collins Horner Danbury, CT (Danbury Youth), 12-2
53 LBS
Final: Austin Rudgers Dayville, CT (Killingly Youth) dec. Oliver Miesse Westbrook, CT (Shoreline Youth), 11-0
3. Luke Salce Newtown, CT (Newtown Youth Wrestling) dec. Levi Boudreau Middletown, CT (KT Kidz), 8-1
5. Ben Ferron Killingly, CT (Killingly Youth) dec. Allister Mouradov CT (Glastonbury Youth), 4-3
56 LBS
Final: Nanami Gemme Old Lyme, CT (MarcAurele Youth) dec. Joey Lanzilli Ridgefield, CT (Ridgefield Youth Wrestling), 11-2
3. Eli Batres Milford, CT (South Side Wrestling Club) pin Justin Duarte Avon, CT (Trojan Style WC), 2:52
5. Cael Moore Enfield, CT (Fisheye) pin Evan Huber CT (Newtown Youth Wrestling), 1:53
59 LBS
Final: Christopher Morava Ledyard, CT (MarcAurele Youth) pin Joseph Ferreira Meriden, CT (Meriden Youth), 0:37
3. Corey Mattingly South Windsor, CT (Fisheye) pin Joshua Latham Fairfield, CT (South Side Wrestling Club), 0:46
5. James Blanchard East Lyme, CT (MarcAurele Youth) pin Keegan Rosenschein Newtown, CT (Team Tugman), 0:59
63 LBS
Final: Sam Forman Woodbridge, CT (Team Tugman) dec. Jaevin Torres East Hartford, CT (Fisheye), 6-2
3. Ben Weintraub CT (Newtown Youth Wrestling) dec. Tucker Hollister New Milford, CT (Refinery), 3-0
5. Chase Ibbitson CT (Newtown Youth Wrestling) dec. Mason Umberger Southington, CT (Southington Youth), 2-0
67 LBS
Final: Christopher Weiner Trumbull, CT (Team Tugman) pin Parker Topa Southington, CT (KT Kidz), 2:32
3. Brian Marini Monroe, CT (Newtown Youth Wrestling) dec. Logan Russell New Milford, CT (Refinery), 7-1
5. Lawrence Rodriguez New Britain, CT (New Britain Twisters Youth Wrestling Club) dec. Wyatt Fournier Southbury, CT (Newtown Youth Wrestling), 5-3
71 LBS
Final: Jonathan Quesada Farmington, CT (Fisheye) pin Elijah Quesada Windsor Locks, CT (Fisheye), 1:34
3. Thomas Depratti West Hartford, CT (KT Kidz) pin Tyler Richards Newtown, CT (Newtown Youth Wrestling), 3:59
5. Landon Sigovitch Milford, CT (South Side Wrestling Club) dec. Alivia Motta Wolcott, CT (Gladiator Youth), 9-0
77 LBS
Final: Brayden Fleet New Milford, CT (Refinery) pin Julian Fontanez CT (OTC), 1:50
3. Emmett Featherstone CT (Newtown Youth Wrestling) pin Luke Hoadley Newtown, CT (Newtown Youth Wrestling), 0:33
5. Cristian Sanchez New Milford, CT (New Milford Youth) dec. Jaxson Pawlak Waterford, CT (Waterford Youth), 8-3
84 LBS
Final: Arjan Singh Southington, CT (Team Tugman) dec. Aidan Karasevicz CT (Waterford Youth), 7-4
3. George Carabase Somers, CT (Spartan Youth) dec. Michael Soucie Middletown, CT (OTC), 2-0
5. Finnegan Butts Glastonbury, CT (Glastonbury Youth) dec. Mason Pepe Berlin, CT (Minutemen Youth), 7-0
93 LBS
Final: Blake Venza Shelton, CT (South Side Wrestling Club) dec. Grayson Le Rocky Hill, CT (New Britain Twisters Youth Wrestling Club), 8-1
3. Mason Serrano CT (Windham) pin Chase May Berlin, CT (Minutemen Youth), 2:29
5. John Mals Berlin, CT (Minutemen Youth) pin Mason Russ Bethany, CT (Amity Spartan Youth), 1:19
105 LBS
Final: Cameron Hope Enfield, CT (Spartan Youth) dec. Gabriel Gardiner Southington, CT (Southington Youth), 2-0
3. Nico Aly Meriden, CT (Meriden Youth) dec. Trey Tarka Stratford, CT (South Side Wrestling Club), 6-4
5. Gabriel Correa Redding, CT (Redding Easton Wrestling Club) dec. Hudson Dewitt CT (Stamford Youth), 6-2
120 LBS
Final: Eamon Schmutz Granby, CT (Spartan Youth) pin Lewis Touna Greenwich, CT (Stamford Youth), 0:26
3. Jackson Santaniello Woodstock Valley, CT (Killingly Youth) pin Tyler Carbone Bristol, CT (Gladiator Youth), 0:28
5. Momah Nwachukwu Hartford, CT (New Britain Twisters Youth Wrestling Club) dec. Logan Williams Bristol, CT (Gladiator Youth), 4-0

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