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West Springfield team tops Staples to win third tournament of year

The West Springfield High wrestling team beat Staples-Westport on Monday to go undefeated at win the Enfield Duals tournament for the second straight year. (Photo courtesy West Springfield High)

ENFIELD, Dec. 30 – It’s been a busy two weeks for the West Springfield, Mass., wrestling team. The Terriers have wrestling in four tournaments – two dual-meet tournaments and two traditional bracket-based tournaments.

West Springfield has won three of four events. On Monday, West Springfield won the 23rd annual Enfield Duals for the second straight season and third time overall by sweeping four matches with victories over host Enfield, 78-0; Notre Dame-West Haven, 75-6; Manchester, 57-16; and Staples-Westport, 60-10.

Spencer Miltimore, Calvin Curtis, Brandon Rodriguez, Harith Mohsin, Eric Bergerson, Milton Vasquez and Tyler Parent each went 4-0 on the day for West Springfield, that recently won the Guilford Invitational and the Dan Balboni Holiday Classic in Framingham, Mass. West Springfield was second at the Valley Duals, a two-day dual meet tournament in upstate New York.

Staples finished second at the Enfield Duals with three victories over Notre Dame-West Haven, 74-6; Enfield, 60-24; and Manchester, 46-27. The Wreckers finished second in Danbury’s Ryan Sabbagh tournament on Friday.

Monday, December 30

Enfield Duals
At Enfield
West Springfield MA 78, Enfield 0
West Springfield MA 75, Notre Dame-West Haven 6
West Springfield MA 57, Manchester 16
West Springfield MA 60, Staples 10
Staples 74, Notre Dame-West Haven 6
Staples 60, Enfield 24
Staples 46, Manchester 27
Manchester vs. Enfield
Manchester def. Notre Dame-WH
Enfield 63, Notre Dame-WH 12
* * * *
Stafford 48, Rockville 24
* * * *
Phil Tomkeil Holiday Tournament at Agawam, Mass., postponed, snow and ice

Stafford 48, Rockville 24
At Stafford
106: William Depault (S) forfeit; 113: Bryce Muzio (S) forfeit; 120: Sabrina Sedor (S) forfeit; 126: Logan Titus (Ro) forfeit; 132: Rory Triba (S) pin Joshua Mora, 2:26; 138: Mark Gardiner (Ro) forfeit; 145: Tristan Julian (S) pin Zachary Larson, 1:12; 152: David Ives (S) pin Joshua Gearin, 0:44; 160: Kyler MacKinnon (Ro) pin Mike Sedor, 1:58; 170: Tommy Bean (S) pin Devon Nguyen, 1:15; 182: Derek Davis (S) forfeit; 220: Hunter Ogren (Ro) pin Kolby Maney, 1:36; 285: no match

Staples 60, Enfield 24
At Enfield
106 Reese Watkins (S) pin Robert Moeller (E), 1:43; 113: Oliver D’Anna (S) forfeit; 120 Terry Brannigan (S) pin Ayce Xiong (E), 1:10; 126 Justin Beiler (E) pin Eamon Brannigan (S), 1:09; 132 Eli Pelkey (E) pin Gerard Allen (S), 4:17; 138 Monty Goldberg (S) pin Robert Mcnally (E), 0:58; 145 Noah Fraas (S) pin Tyson Xiong (E), 3:11; 152 Tanner Connors (S) pin Roy Marocchini (E), 3:04; 160 Luke Molina (S) pin Chris Murphy (E), 3:32; 170 Tallon Stager (E) pin Connor Blum (S), 0:55; 182: Jack Edwards (S) forfeit; 195 Nicholas Augeri (S) pin Colin Pedersen (E), 1:31; 220 Nick Miller (E) pin Owen Clarke (S), 3:08; 285 Jacob Rizy (S) pin Alex Martinez (E), 1:06

Enfield 63, Notre Dame-West Haven 12
At Enfield
106 Robert Moeller (E) dec. Ethan Weaver (ND), 12-8; 113: Dylan Ekstrand (ND) forfeit; 120 Ayce Xiong (E) dec. Kelsey Naylor (ND), 9-5; 126 Justin Beiler (E) pin Nicolas Pavelko (ND); 132 Eli Pelkey (E) pin Jesse Johnson (ND), 2:24; 138 Robert Mcnally (E) pin Luis Stephenson (ND), 4:27; 145 Tyson Xiong (E) pin Dylan Ross (ND), 2:50; 152 Roy Marocchini (E) pin Azariah Charles (ND); 160 Chris Murphy (E) pin Gavin O’mara (ND), 1:47; 170 Tallon Stager (E) pin Max Kyle (ND), 1:01; 182: Joshua Kuczynski (ND) forfeit; 195 Colin Pedersen (E) pin Victor Robles (ND), 5:55; 220 Nick Miller (E) dec. Jackson Paulishen (ND), 5-4; 285 Alex Martinez (E) pin Ryan Mendola (ND)

Staples 75, Notre Dame-WH 6
At Enfield
106 Reese Watkins (S) pin Ethan Weaver (ND), 0:31; 113 Oliver D’anna (S) pin Dylan Ekstrand (ND), 0:57; 120 Terry Brannigan (S) pin Kelsey Naylor (ND), 2:33; 126 Eamon Brannigan (S) pin Nicolas Pavelko (ND), 0:39; 132 Gerard Allen (S) pin Jesse Johnson (ND), 3:25; 138 Monty Goldberg (S) pin Dylan Ross (ND), 1:08; 145 Noah Fraas (S) dec. Luis Stephenson (ND), 10-4; 152 Tanner Connors (S) pin Gavin O’mara (ND), 1:05; 160 Luke Molina (S) pin Jimmy Lowman (ND), 0:22; 170 Connor Blum (S) pin Max Kyle (ND), 0:27; 182 Jack Edwards (S) pin Joshua Kuczynski (ND), 0:46; 195 Nicholas Augeri (S) pin Victor Robles (ND), 1:27; 220 Jackson Paulishen (ND) pin Owen Clarke (S), 1:47; 285 Jacob Rizy (S) pin Cayden Bombardier (ND), 0:11

Staples 46, Manchester 27
At Enfield
106 Reese Watkins (S) dec. Jeremy Molinari (M), 9-1; 113: Oliver D’Anna (S) forfeit; 120 Terry Brannigan (S) pin Marco Sveltstad (M), 1:51; 126 Elliot Hall (M) pin Eamon Brannigan (S), 3:13; 132: Gerard Allen (S) forfeit; 138 Monty Goldberg (S) pin Rakye Best (M), 1:20; 145 Noah Fraas (S) pin Tai Phillipe-harris (M), 1:25; 152 Alijah Curry (M) dec. Tanner Connors (S), 11-4; 160 Traivon Nieves (M) dec. Luke Molina (S), 4-3; 170 Robert Clarke (M) pin Connor Blum (S), 4:38; 182Jakob Mumford (M) pin Jack Edwards (S), 3:06; 195: Nicholas Augeri (S) forfeit; 220 Nathan Keegan (M) dec. Owen Clarke (S), 10-6; 285: Jacob Rizy (S) forfeit

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